How To make a Giant Pencil

Step One:
First you need: Some Newspaper, A Pen, A ruler, A pencil, Scissors, tape,
A cereal Box and some paper.

Step Two:
Next you need to get the cereal box and cut off the back of it.

Step Three:
Now use the BACK of the cardboard that you have just cut out and draw 6 lines
each a ruler wide using the ruler and the pencil.

Step Four:
Now SCORE the lines that you drew (WARNING this is DANGEROUS! GET AN ADULT!!!)

Step Five:
next, Fold along the scored lines and make a 3D hexagon and stick the two sides together with tape.

Step six:
Make a cone shape with the extra cardboard from the cereal box for the tip and stick the
pen in it with the tape.

Step seven:
fill the whole pencil with newspaper in the hollow part and add an end on.