The Forces of evil




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Sauron,the Dark Lord the enemy, the Lord of the Ring.He is driven by a consuming desire to dominate all of Middle-earth and by a burning hatred of Elves, Men and all who stand in his way.In distant times, when he still had't revealed his evil nature, he forged the Rings of Power and gave them as gifts to the rulers of the free races of Middle-earth.These kings didn't know that Sauron also forged the ruling ring for himself, imbuding into it a great portion of his own life force and powers.Through this mighty tool,Sauron could control the other rings and enslave their bearers to his will.Only the rings of the Elves he could not dominate,because he had no part in their making. His vast armies of Orcs and other fell creatures were about to subjugate all Western realms of Middle-earth, but the Last Alliance of Men and Elves defeated his hordes and finally laid siege to his fortress of Barad-dur in the land of Mordor. There, at a terrible price, the One Ring was taken from the hand of the Dark Lord and he was finally vanquished. But Sauron was not destroyed. As long as the Ring exists, Sauron's spirit endures.

The Ringwraiths