This is when Althie and Kat got married on Christmas day

Alfie began his wedding day still waiting for his divorce to come through! After calling a halt to his fake wedding, Alfie's luck changed and he was able to get married for real.

Alfie's conscience didn't allow him to go through with the fake wedding he'd arranged. When his dimwitted mate Ray asked if anyone knew a reason the happy couple couln't gel married, Alfie raised his hand!!!

Alfie confessed to Kat that the wedding was a sham. Kat was outraged and locked herself in the bathroom. Just as Alfie was about to call the whole thing off, his solicitor arrived with the divorce papers.

Alfie begged the registrar to abandon his christmas dinner and come to the Vic to perform the ceremony. At last everything went according to plan. He and Kat became Mr and Mrs Moone.

Alfie had one last surprise and led his new wife outside. Cousin Maxwell's snow machine had covered Albert Square in a blanket off white. Kat was thrilled to see her dream white wedding come true.

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