what the charactors are most likely to say
Alphie - Would i lie to you

spencer - the moones are back in business

nana - oh alphie

vicky- stop telling me what to do

den watts - allo princess

sharon watts - if angie was here now......

dennis - come ere and say that

charlie - i only want us all to be happy together

Kat - oi what you lookin at

little Mo - oh no don't worry about me

zoe - stop it all of you you doing my head in

mo harris - look what i got down the market

lynne - i'm not avin it

Phill - leave it

Kate - you've got lovely hands

Sam - no-one crosses the mitchells

billy - oh go on give us a chance

lisa - Louise is my daughter

ian - i've have to clinch this deal by 5pm

pauline - i'll put the kettle on ay

janine - whats in it for me

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